FINALLY! Chris called. I got an email yesterday, but it was short and just said he was fine, bored, and safe. I wanted to write back and say...'and the alternative?', but I didn't.

But... this morning. HE CALLS! A better sound, there is not, than that of your child's voice.

And here's the really good part. He may be back in country by early July. Do you know what that means??? He could be his oldest brothers best man. Do you know how great that would be??? I'm sure you do. I'm just elated!

Happy Mother's Day to ME!


    Hello. You left a comment on my blog,and now I've hopped over to yours. So nice to "meet" someone else with a Marine serving a tour of duty. And how exciting that he'll be home soon! Yeaaa! Thanks for your kind words. Janeen


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