Boat Worthy toes

The past few months have been extreeeeeemly stressfull for everyone at work. Thursday, after we were the low bidder on the airport job, I went over to my bosses house to unwind. We got to talking and decided we were in much need of some pampering. So she told me to call 'R', my other boss, and tell him I was taking a personal day. I've never even taken a sick day! Okay. I called his office line. Left a message... because it was late.....9:30 pm late. And then on Friday she and I went for a massage, facial and pedicure. We started at 8:45am and didn't get out of there until almost 2pm! The massage was wonderful. The facial has left my face feeling soft for two days now. And my toes... My toes have been deemed....Boat Worthy.


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