This yard is in some serious need of some TLC. See all that grass up against the fence. And that fence! Yikes. It's falling down. Maxine, my neighbor moved out a year ago and the people who bought it thought they could rent it out. That never happened. So, it has sat vacant for a year. It is now up for sale again. Those huge shrubs are in her yard and they are starting to visit mine. I am going to work on cutting them back...soon.

And this retaining wall. It was put in about 18 years ago. It is rotting and starting to fall apart.

I am hoping to use my tax refund money to fix this up and put in those keystone locking rocks to fix this up.

And now for where the small garden will be. The cut has been made. It's not going to be a huge garden, but there is enough room for a few things. It gets full sunlight so it makes it the best place. Any suggestions would be greatfully welcomed.


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