Dear young women (they were under 18) on the MAX train last evening,

You were rude. There isn't another way to say it. RUDE. One of the rules of MAX is No feet on the seat. So, no you are not allowed two seats. Especiallly when the train is full. And your voice. Turn the volume down. The whole train did not need to hear that your are homophobic. The reason your mother use to tell you not to say those things is because, they are RUDE. Keep your RUDE opinions to yourself. You are not going to change the world with your behavior. I'm just assuming that you don't or haven't gotten enough attention from your parents at home. They haven't taught you enough to go out into the world and not be offensive. Ohhh, that's right. You don't care if you offend someone. And I could really care less that you got drunk last summer. I don't know who you were trying to impress. The two punk guys next to you could have cared less. They wouldn't have given you the time of day if you had asked. So, the next time you decided to ride MAX into town, don't.

A tax paying, MAX riding ADULT


    I know when I was a teenager, I was totally into myself but I hope I was never THAT rude. there is no excuse for it.


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