Chris just called. I mean... like 5 minutes ago and we got to talk for about 5 minutes. It would have been about 10:00 pmish for him. I love it when he calls.

Anyway..... in a week, he'll be moved 'out of the danger zone.' Back to a base that is more secure and with better communications.

And.... AND back on US soil earlier than what we thought before. Could be as early as the end of July. THIS MONTH PEOPLE! THIS MONTH!!!! Or early August. Look at your calendar. That's like 3 weeks away! 3 WEEKS! I could have my youngest son back on US soil in 3 weeks.

Cody, you're prayers are working. Keep them up!


    Okay, so I haven't been paying attention. I didn't realize he was gone again. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he's back by the end of the month.


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