The email you sent me is on another computer, so I’m just trying to remember what questions I had…

1. Does the meat need buns?

2. I have enough red plastic plates for the dinner.

3. What is the desert? Do you need plates for that?

4. Ashley and I decided on pop, because I can’t find another 5 gallon drink dispenser, but I can get my hands on a lot of coolers and ice. Also we thought a cooler of bottled water would be nice.

5. Does rolls come with the meat? Jodi was thinking small muffin size corn bread if not.

6. And baked beans.

7. Also, if we don’t do corn bread, corn on the cob might be a nice touch. I can get a couple of those big cookers and the corn is coming on right now.

8. Ashley wasn’t going to have tablecloths, but I convinced her that a plastic cover would be cleaner and neater, so I got some from the dollar tree store. Red and white.

9. We are going to get a couple Rubbermaid garbage cans and plastic bags so we can haul the garbage away.

10. Sandy gave me some champagne flutes from a party she did when she bought out the company 4 years ago. If we want to do a sparkling cider toast…. Or not. I have 40 of them. Brent thought it sounded kind of neat.

11. I have enough napkins and plastic ware. I’m going to wrap the plastic ware in the napkin and tie it with a red ribbon.

12. Not sure if the tables sit 6, 8 or 10. I have my big church table but I thought that would be a good serving table. The other tables are in one of the buildings at work. I don’t have a key. Dave hasn’t had a chance to go take a count of the tables and chairs that are over there, but I do have permission to use them. They must seat at least 8. I know my smaller table seats 8.

13. Serving utensils? And is the meat going to come in big foil pans? Do you need something to keep it warm?

Just some of the questions I can think of for now.

Sent on July 5th..... still waiting......


    Oh, DUDE - my head would have EXPLODED, like for real, EXPLODED already!

    Want a tight spot to be in - you dont't want to drive the bride and groom crazy - they are supposed to be enjoying this special time, YET, SOMEONE needs to take the reigns, get answers and get organized!

    As a control feak and obsessive over planner, you have my most sincere sympathies...

    Try to rest assured, that it will be lovely simply beacuse they will be surrounded by people who love them.


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