It's another..."What did you do on Saturday Night" installment.

Me....well, life is sooooo exciting. My day started off with me going to the Beaverton Farmer's Market. Fresh veggies everywhere!!! And music... well, if you want to call two guys on guitars and flutes and whatever musical instrument they have, then it's music. And some of the lyrics were pretty funny. Sorry no picture. You'll see soon why.

Anyway.... I got there around 10 am. The crowd wasn't too bad, but by the time I left, it had doubled. I was glad to be leaving.

The farmers market is held in a parking lot. Next to the parking lot is this park with this fantastic water feature. Kids love to play in it and it's encouraged.

I brought home this:

See why I couldn't take lots of crowd pictures.... my bag was heavy!

And... now the big question......


So for the rest of my evening... I'm doing this:

Any help you can give me.... would be greatly appreciated.... I'm not a good cook.


    It all looks amazing!! I wish I had a farmer's market near me. I would love to stop by every few days and get fresh stuff.

    Grilling fresh veggies with just olive oil and garlic salt is easy and yummy.


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