It's that time of year again. My favorite time. Bonus Time! Bonus checks were handed out yesterday. {insert girly squealing here} Now, I'm not going to tell you how much my check was...but I will tell you that it's a huge help. I'm not going to spend it on bills. Those are okay. I paycheck covers the bills...this.. THIS is extra. So. Because I like to keep the economy going.... what should I spend it on?

1. Vacation to Mazatlan.
2. New retaining wall
3. Wii system......
4. New tv
5. New lens for my camera

All ideas will be considered.


    definately NOT the retaining wall. No fun there. I vote for Mazatlan but then I just got back from the Mayan Riveria and it was awesome. Especially when I knew there was no power at my house in Texas anyway!!!! Thanks for checking on me today!


    I say vacation unless that wall is going to fall and crush you. And I love your new banner.


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