Twilight Series

I've read books one and two and I'm half way through the 629 pages of book 3. I've purchased book 4.

They are young adult books, so remember that when you start reading them. There isn't a lot of description and there isn't a ton of different characters, but they are still good books. And the movie of the first book comes out November 21 (for some reason I thought it was it's going to bug until I figure what new movie is coming out in December..I think the 8th, if anyone knows, please fill me in).... Mostly I've enjoyed that I've been to a lot of the places where the story takes place, so I can make my own visual of the surroundings.


I'm also reading this. It is not a young adult book and has lots of characters and descriptions. I really enjoyed Pillars of the Earth, about 9 years ago.

World Without End

And this book is in my bag for when I have a moment to read during lunch. There were times when I thought my daughters might have gone this way, and I'm so glad that they haven't. Although we've gone/are going through our issues, none of them have been to this extent.

I've got this book going on too. And I recently finished reading this book. It was just okay for me.

I know..


    ooh! The movie comes out November 21st! If you happen to be in Utah at that time, we've rented a theater for a MIDNIGHT SHOWING! Woo hoo!

    Also, just wondering if you're on Team Edward or Team Jacob? Also, she wrote another book that is yet to be a series, but will be eventually, called The Host. It's a more adult book than young adult. More description, less romancy stuff. I liked it too, but in a different way than Twilight. Just incase you needed something else to read. (sounded like you were looking... ;) )


    I almost bought "The Host" the other day, but I held back.

    And I wish I was out there with you guys! If anyone wants to buy me a ticket for my birthday (hint.hint) I'd be there. Not that the movie comes out on my birthday, just that my birthday is close to that.

    Tell your mother to email me!


    I have tons of new books over on my vox account. I've been a reading fiend. I just finished (like 5 hours ago) American Gods. I couldn't even begin to describe it to you, you must simply buy it and read it.


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