Especially when the tickets were $60 each.

I went to the Phantom of the Opera last night. What hasn't been said about this Broadway play. FANTASTIC! I had seen it about 10 years ago with my mother when it came through Portland. I missed it the last time it was here.... about 5 years ago and kicked myself ever since. So, when it came back around. I went..........and almost got myselt escorted out. But, like I said, you only have to warn me once.

The picture. I took that with my cell phone... ya. I know. Blurry. What is it of, you ask. It's at intermission. As the chandelier was going back up towards the ceiling. Oh.... and you're not suppose to take pictures of the stage. Something about copyright...yadda..yadda...Just before the show started, they announced that we couldn't take pictures because the flash would bother the actors and was rude to those sitting around you. That makes sense. But they didn't say anything about taking pictures of the stage. So I only got to snap this one picture. Interesting article about how the whole chandelier thing works.

Found this good youtube of Sarah Brightman in Vienna singing one of my favorite songs. I use to play this at the beachhouse to wake the kids up in the morning. Ya. They loved it.

And Andrea. If you'd like to go, I'd love to take you. Call me. But soon. It ends on Sept. 7th.


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