I went to a high school homecoming football game tonight. Why? You ask.. because... somebody at works daughter was nominated to the homecoming court, but wasn't voted in... but I went.. because.. I do those kinds of things.

WOW. High school was a long time ago for me....my 30th class reunion was.. uh.... in 2005.

I was amazed at how many parents were there. Of course. I didn't know any of them, but there were a lot. More parents than school kids. Honest! Well, from my perch. The band was good. But I was disappointed that the only half time was the Homecoming court. They had already been choosen and had ridden through town on their respective floats.. which by the way, where behind the bleachers.. and.. in my humble opinion.... were sad. What has high school spirit been resigned to......pep clubs.. where have you gone??? The home team's dance club didn't even dance on the field at half-time... I remember a lot of 'school spirit' from my high school days.... but these kids..... I don't know.... there was more..... text messaging going on and wandering around....... than actual watching of the game...

Anyway.... that was my Friday night... what did you do.... please tell me it was fun-filled... I need fun-filled.... I need laughter and happiness...

OH. On that happiness factor....a friend of mine let me know that his son got his mission call .....an LDS (Mormon Mission.).. to Chicago North. Jace leaves the end of January. Craig... his dad.. is going to miss his son... for those two years.. but he (Craig) is bursting at the seams.


    Hi! Mom is usually off doing something for work. She works a lot. But we'll see if things slow down for her at all since she just finished a big to-do thing for the company. ...we'll see. :)


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