This bike is going to be the death of me. This past week I've been religiously going to the gym. I either do 3 miles on the treadmill or 10 miles on that beast. I'm not seeing any major drop in weight, but my butt is ..... reshaping its self. Can we say... saggy pants.

But tonight when I got home, Chris was moving the pallets (that we got for free) to the backyard so that we can cut them up for firewood. Free is a very good word when it comes to heating your home. So, I helped. Thus I decided that I had had enough exercise for the evening.

Besides. I can go tomorrow.


    Today was my day off too. I spent it trying to potty train my three year old. I'd rather run.


    Thanks for the laugh! I so remember those days. I use to put a tiny red ball in the toliet.. and have the boys aim. Then.. they got to get a handfull of m & m's for a reward.

    Good Luck!


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