Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Father
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I listened as my new family talked about their childhood, of their absentee fathers, their hateful mothers, how they had no brothers or sisters; the complete lack of security, never knowing where or who they might end up with, or how they would be used next. I watched as they talked, the pain in their eyes, still not understanding, even now as adults, how or why people are so cruel to their children.

And as I stood there and listened to them, I finally realized just how lucky I really am, because I have the greatest father in the whole world!!

I never for one minute of my childhood wondered where my dad was; never had to worry about my next meal, whether or not I would have clean clothes or a warm house to live in. I was never passed off onto other adults, used as a pawn for blackmailing, or beat on. My dad was there for birthday parties, soccer games, and graduations. He carried me to bed when I would pass out on the couch, kiss my boo-boo's when I hurt myself, and was always there when I just needed my dad.

I know now that I took it all for granted; the growing up in a huge family, having a 2-parent household, same school, same friends, room to run wild, my brothers and sisters.....complete security. We never wanted for anything...ever.

I love you dad. Thank you for everything. I hope that when I become a parent, I treat my children as you treated us, with complete and total unconditional love. You are the greatest father anyone could ever ask for! See you soon:)


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