Photo contest

Not from me.

From Nikon. Ends November 30th, 2008.

Pictures do not have be taken with a Nikon.

Nikon Contest


    Oh, the movie comes out THURSDAY! Well, TECHNICALLY it's Thursday as our showing starts at 11:59p, but I think most of the posters and previews say Friday, the 21st.

    BUT, because we're going crazy and having a pre-party and making shirts, all of that is happening Thursday, we're calling it Thursday. :) I think mostly it's just the fact that we're having the pre-party and hanging out with a bunch of friends that's exciting. I don't know that the movie will be super great, but it'll be nice to get out and have a girls' night. :)


    Holy crap. I'm retarded.

    I thought your question was serious and then I'm looking at my own blog and thinking, "Well geez, if she had looked at the other posts, she would've known what day it was coming out. Not to mention the fact that it says THURSDAY all over..."

    I'm caught up now. :)
    Thanks for making me realize just how "DUH!" I really am! :)


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