Bike vs Treadmill

Saturday and Sunday the torture bicycle was always busy when I got to the gym. Mind you, this gym I go to is actually a park and rec building. It's in a old elementary school. The heating is still from old radiators under the windows, and can't be regulated by room, so it's always 105 degrees in there....and there are cubbies also under the windows where books use to go and now outdated magazines are filling the slots. There are some huge fans up by the ceiling that blow back and forth.... if they get turned on....but some dud always comes along... someone who thinks they are going to get cold during their workout....and turns them off and closes every window! ARGUH! The windows are the old style with the hook and you have to push the window out. No screens. Yes, moths have been known to flutter in. So, anyway, back to the torture bicycle. There is only one like it, the others don't have a back rest. Busy. All weekend. So I had to walk 3 miles on the torture treadmill. I put it at an incline of 3 and got my speed up to 3.5, which means I'm walking a 18 minute mile. And the backs of my legs... they are screaming at me. Bloody.Murder.Screaming! But......I did loose a couple more #'s.


    See I would way rather run on teh treadmill than bike. The bike makes my knees feel like they will pop. Also? The seat hurts my bum.

    My word verification: rumsitic which sounds like a great new drink.


    It's so nice to meet you, Brenda. I'm having a terrible time trying to get myself to exercise. I was trying to decide between getting a treadmill or an elliptical. Haven't done it yet. I just have a Nordic track that I'm using as a decoration in my family room. Sigh.


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