I've really never understood that line, but I've always liked it.

My 75 yr. old mother....who looks like she is maybe 60ish...had knee replacement surgery yesterday. She has needed this for a very long time. The surgery went well, according to the doctor and now she just needs some bed rest and physical therapy, or as I called it, prescribed torture. Years ago she has surgery to repair a torn meniscus.

She should be home by the weekend.

Just so you know.... my mom didn't abuse her knees with wild skiing, snowboarding or jumping.... but she did play a lot of tennis!


    Tell her to do exactly what the pt folks tell her to do. I followed directions after my acl was replaced and it is better than ever. I wish her a speedy recovery.


    I hope she has a speedy recovery! My grandma has had both of her knees replaced (probably when she was around 75, she's in her 80's now) and she still dances with a little dance troupe every week. : )


    I hope everything goes well for your mom and she's on her feet comfortably very quickly.


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