3 frames

4 framed

I do have a wall for these to hang on, but I only have room for three. Not four. And stacking them two on top and two on the bottom won't work either. The wall isn't the right size. Three will fit perfect. Now.... to choose. Which of the prints get to hang on the kitchen/dinning room wall.

I am not a good decorator. So, please help me.
Any and all suggestions will be considered.


    I like the top 3... :) Did you take a photography class ever? I love them all!


    Hi Les. No I've never taken a class. Just messed around with various cameras.


    I would put the deck picture in my dinning room.
    Just my 2 cents worth


    I would leave the one with all the lines out of the group. (the one that looks like a bridge or a railing or something)
    The other 3 tell a story.

    But of course, I ♥ them all!


    You don't have to post this in your comments, but that story about the dwarfs was FUNNY! I worked with a lady that had both a tattoo around her bellybutton as well as having it pierced and then she had 4 kids... not pretty. :) I can see why Jessica hasn't finished hers... it hurt pretty darn bad. I could probably do it again just cause I don't have any others to compare it to pain-wise. Who knows though. :) I told Mom on the phone yesterday that I got it done and she seemed surprised and excited kinda. I know Dad won't like it just like he doesn't like Rob's. :) What do you do?


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