This beautiful necklace arrived in my mail today. I bought in from Jenn.

Why, do you ask, did I have her stamp "LET IT GO"?

For many reasons.

I hold onto too much anger. Too much guilt. Too many worries. I hold onto the 'actions of others' that I have no control over. And then I stew over them. And it's not tasty.

I also hold onto too much 'stuff' around the house. Clutter. Little pieces of paper. A receipt to a movie. A pair of Mickey Mouse ears from Disney Land. Books, magazines, articles clipped out of magazines. And let's not even begin to discuss the 1964 World Book Encyclopedia's that I have stored.

But last Sunday before my parents left to go back down to the warmth of Sun Lakes, Arizona, we all sat around and discussed how we wanted to improve ourselves this year.

A nephew mentioned about wanting to loose a few pounds. So did my dad. Mom's was to not walk wrong. (she's been favoring her right leg since the knee replacement surgery, and it's not good on her back) Ed's was to get Jodi's car done... she made him set a date. (it's a '64? Mustang) Hopefully by May. David's was to get his yard in shape.

Mine was to de-clutter the house. Daunting, but do-able.

I didn't mention the de-cluttering of my emotions. More daunting, but also do-able.

That is why I had Jenn make me this necklace. So that I would remember to 'Let it Go'.

Let go of the sadness. Let go of the anger. Let go of the disappointment. Let go of the things I can not change.

Wish me luck!

(And thank you Jenn. The necklace turned out fantastic.)


    I think you should get together with Jenn and sell that specific necklace... and pair it with your story. I want one. I started de-cluttering stuff recently too. That FlyLady is good stuff.

    Dad thought your comment about him being a grandpa and being younger than you was funny since you're only a few months older than him. :) He and Mom got a good laugh. :)


    Oh yeah! I'm so glad you like it. I'm always nervous sending them out. What if they hate it?

    Good luck with your wordS of the year!


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