My favorite cookie

I use this: Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I don't fudge. I use butter. I use Baker's Sugar.

Gather the ingredients
Some of the ingredients

Cream the butter together
Cream the butter together

Add the vanilla, eggs, the white sugar and mix together.
Adding the sugar

Add the brown sugar and mix well.
Adding the brown sugar

Add the flour. If you're doing a double batch, add two cups, stir gently and then add the rest. Also add the baking soda and salt.
Adding the flour

You don't want to put the speed on high or you'll have a huge cloud of flour dust everywhere.
Stirring the flour slowly

Add the chocolate chips and nuts (if you like). Again, stir slowly. If you blend the flour too much you will turn it to gluten and that will make your cookies very hard when they are baked.
Adding the chips

I like my cookies on the smallish size. So I use a teaspoon and only fill it about 3/4 full.
About this size

I space the cookies far apart. I don't want them cooking together.
On the tray

Bake according to directions and your oven's temperment.
Finished product

The first couple cooked batches of my cookies turned out flatter than others. I added a bit more flour (about 1/4 cup or less) to what was left of the cookie dough and they plumped up.


    Is this in response to my inability to bake chocolate chip cookies?! I see now that YOU are among the true Americans, able to bake those suckers.
    I'm feeling extraordinarily patriotic hand is over my heart and I am belting out "Amazing Grace", er, uh, um, I mean Amazing Brenda. LOL


    Trust me... there have many batches that ended up in the garbage... or as bird food.

    And yes... it was sort of for your benefit. :-) You CAN do it!

    Also the KitchenAid is a HUGE help.


    Mmmm ... I am hungry now! I never have the flour cloud recipe. I am too lazy to get the mixer out. I usually do it by hand.


    What is it about choc chip cookies? They are so basic and yet soooooo good!


    Great. Now I want cookies.


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