Idaho Falls HS Graduation 1975

Doug & Brenda
Brother & Sister

For my Phavorite Phriday Photo, I chose my graduation picture from high school. I don't know what the goofy look on our faces are all about. I don't know who either of us was looking at. And I can't tell you if this was before the graduation ceremony or after. I do remember that there was a graduation party at Kelly's Canyon, a favorite ski place, but it was almost summer and all the snow was gone.... and that a high school boyfriend drove me home.... but we weren't dating at that time....and that I got home at the crack of dawn. As for Doug... I don't know what he did that evening. He is my brother, but I don't keep track of him....I mean, I do know where he lives.. and all that good stuff, but in high school.....he went his way, and I went mine. Our classes were in different halls, except for our German class... that we had to do together.

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    Love the photo. It has a bit of the mystique. What IS she looking at and why....


    What a great memory:-)


    Oh cool picture - love those way back ones.


    Adorable expressions!
    Thanks for sharing.

    I have no idea where my grad pics even are.....


    I loved being in school with my brother. I do not know about you, but I am glad that stage of my life is over. Cute photo!


    Great pic! You guys were definitely cracking up at something!!


    That is a fantastic pic! I just LOVE looking back on old photos!
    Happy Friday!


    Great photo! I love the look on your face.


    Great picture! You two are gorgeous!


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