The Inn at Mazatlan

We have been staying here. It is a nice place. The service is good. The place is clean. There is good food close by.

But just so you don't think it's all been a bed of roses. I want you to know, that I've had a kink in my neck for the past couple of days from sleeping wrong on a very non-supportive (I'm talking.... some of the spring that hold the mattress on the bed frame... were gone...not there.....I think there were 3 that were supporting the top) couch pull out bed. I almost ended up with my head caught between the couch and the bed....(Thank Heavens for the farmacia and 600 mg of an advil type pill). Then they changed the couch pull out bed with a new one, and I thought... OH YEA! My pain is over. They didn't change the whole couch, just the guts of the bed. Well, the first night of the new bed I almost ended up on the floor because it's so sloped. Seriously. I ended up sleeping sideways at the foot of the bed. So last night and tonight... I wised up. I took the mattress off the frame and put it on the floor. Ya. So. I'm staying in this beautiful building. Sleeping on the floor. So Ghetto.

But I have a GREAT TAN!


    Thank you, I think the sleeping on the floor bit makes us all feel a bit better ;-)


    Do you think if I wanted to get the hell out of dodge I could sleep in the pool area? I could so do that, you know. I'd be on the next flight.


    It all looks gorgeous! I'm so sorry to hear about the bed. Can you switch rooms? You should come home fully rested, tan and all (not with a kink in your neck!).
    My husband and I have been looking into places to go for our 10 year anniversary. I keep suggesting Mexico and he keeps looking into the Virgin Islands. Once you're back home please post about all the fun things to do in Mexico so I can win him over!!


    Sunshine, I'd give up sleep for just a touch of sunshine!
    The pool looks fabulous.


    Hope the floor works! I'd say it's probably worth it if you're there! Enjoy the sunshine!


    That's so funny! At least from here where I sleep on a nice mattress! Sorry. At least it looks great on the outside. Have fun!!


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