I know. Could I have found a more boring picture? Things at work have been very busy. VERY BUSY. We were the low bidder for a big road job. Had we not gotten the job, it most likely would have been a very lean summer and leaner winter. So, thank you ODOT and our estimators for making it all work.

Okay. The picture. The machine is a rotomill. It chews up and spits out the asphalt that was on your road. Then some other contractor will come in and repave the road. The engine in this machine needs work. Lots and lots of work. I have not idea what's wrong with it, but at least $60,000 worth of work to get it back up and running.

I don't work on them. Sheesh. I wouldn't want to. It's messy and noisy.

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    That's one massive machine !!!

    It almost looks as though it's got a couple of daisies on the front :-) Soften the look of it somewhat :-)

    Congats on winning the bid !


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