This saddens me

"$andMan'z Gurl™ watching another beautiful sunrise, waiting patiently for my brothers to arrive, and wondering why the Withers are so wack."

My oldest theatens me with lawsuits, tells me I can't communite with her, yet likes to write on her Myspace page about my family. I do wish she wouldn't. She is angry about something, but no one knows what.


    OH teenagers. I remember dealing with my two. My daughter and I could barely talk when she was a junior in high school. And my son, well, we could always talk but sometimes you just didn't want to hear what he had to say, if you know what I mean.
    Good luck with yours.
    They get better.


    I'd understand if she was a teenager... but she'll be 31 this summer. She's angry about a lot of things and I guess she thinks I'm the one to blame for all the ills in her world. But thanks for your thoughts.


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