Mary Halsted Fridal

My Great-Grandmother. I do not know the date of this photo. I scanned it from the album. If I had to guess a date, I would say 1891 or there abouts. Mary was born in Kappendrup, Fyen, Denmark on Jan. 28. 1859. She came across the Atlantic on a steamer when she was about 12... but don't quote me on that. I've got to look that up again. She was the 4th child of Rasmus Hansen and Anna Catrine Christensen. Mary Halsted Fridal died on Oct. 30 1925 in Tremonton, UT and is buried in the Bear River Cemetery, UT.

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    Wow!! That's really interesting. What a cool photo. Found you on Candid Carrie. Have a great weekend!


    nostalgic photos are the best. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I suspected she flew away with the broken eggs, cause they were not on the ground. I so wanted them for my daughter's show and tell on tues. Guess the pics will have to be enough. Good to meet you.


    How did you come about getting this album? I'm sure you've said, I just don't wanna dig through and do detective work to find it.
    You are very lucky to have these, you know.


    I've known about this book since I was little and visited Aunt May on the dairy farm. Then after she died, it came to my mom. It's always been available to touch and look at and although I've never met most of the people in the album, I feel like I know them. I have the album...for now, so that I can get all the pictures scanned in.


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