From my in box

my name is *** ***** 40years old my exp. includes 6 years at standard utilitys started as a laborer made it to truck driver crew lead had ran som eq such as bachoe trackhoe roler 440jet track directional boar unit then moved on to owning my own con. co. about 5 years were i rane everthing iv moved asphault grinders i have a cdl a with all endorsment haz tanker doubel tripels i know id be a good addition to youre co if given a chance willtravel any were have worked and am used to working out of town long periods of time standard utilitys number is *** *** **** d w was my boss also have ran bucket trucks tanker dumptrucks ilearn fast and listen well have worked on paving crew also curently am a pwner op for landstar would like to work four you thx my home phone is ***-***-**** cell********** i would start today ready wiling abale

And because I didn't reply to him...he sent this:

my name is *** ***** have sent you emails no respons just woundering if you have found someone to runn youre grinder email me if you have ill tack u off my contact list thanks 'email' thx


    Oh wow, that's quite a piece of art.


    Ya. I think we should hire him. NOT!


    Ya really gotta wonder about people sometimes... hee hee....


    well that a bit interesting for me... hee hee...
    bucket trucks


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