See that little girl in the middle? That's my sister. I only have one. Her name is Jodi. It's her birthday tomorrow. I won't tell you how old she is...cuz if I did, she'd tackle me down to the floor and lick my face...she's done it before, she'd do it again. She's a sweetie and I love her. She and her family only live a few miles from me. I'm so glad they do. I'd miss her if she lived far away and I couldn't see her whenever I wanted. For her birthday I'm taking her to see 'The Celtic Woman' tomorrow evening. You've heard them sing... haven't you? Well, they're very good. Anyway...


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    What a great memory! I hope your sister has a great birthday:-)


    LOL that is hilarious! Totally Cool photo! Happy Bday Jodi!


    Happy Birthday Jodi! I'd love to see Celtic woman - hope you have a great time.


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