Newest pictures. I like what Annie said...... she needs disco heels and a disco ball.

Born almost 2 1/2 months early. Weighing in at 2lbs. 2 oz. Andrea had a couple seizures and so they had to deliver the baby via C-section. Mom and baby are doing good.



    She's so little! I'll keep them both in my thoughts and prayers!

    Grandma! You're a GRANDMA! Yay! :)


    Makes you realize how precious life is. Glad mom and baby are doing okay! Congrats, Grandma! ;-)


    oh, this is precious.

    i'm glad you came to my blog so i could see this. thanks for your comment on my "miraculous" post. this is hard to see, but wonderful to see, too. these pictures look so much like mine. it's a reminder that this is so common. it's heartbreaking, but uplifting when you hear of the babies that pull through and are healthy.

    thanks for sharing.


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