Watching the crossing guard lady at the grade school I pass every day.....HUG the kids as they crossed. Actually HUG the kids..... and NOBODY came out and told her she couldn't do that! I smiled the whole way to work.

Having an old decision validated.....after all these years. Finally told that I had made the right choice. I can't go into details me if you really want to know.

Having an old friend cook me dinner and it was good! And then great conversation after.

Reading this from someone......"Ya. I try to think the best of everybody" and knowing that actually the opposite happens from this person all-the-time.

Going back to the gym......well, didn't really make me smile, but it has made my pants fit better.

Visiting with cousins. Even if the circumstance wasn't ideal.... we are still FAMILY! And we love each other. Just wish we could see more of each other... because...we are FAMILY! We have got to the the family reunions back on track.


    OMG, the second one. I once had a situation like that, where someone told me I was behaving wrong and they called me out---and then AGES LATER they came back and said THEY'D been wrong and had misunderstood the situation and that I was RIGHT. I am STILL glowing. ...Oh, was this about you?


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