First I went to Java-Man coffee for my cup of chai tea. Java-Man use to be Coffee People, until the big Starbucks folks bought them out. Seriously, how many Starbucks do we need? They are in Target and most Fred Meyer's, and now, I found that they are in my local Safeway. Anyway, Java-Man is owned and operated by a local family, who my middle son knows. He went to school with one of their kids. Not sure what happened to the kid. Haven't seen him in years. I heard he got married young and divorced. Okay.... off on a tangent there. So... I like to support the local folks. LOVE Beaverton Farmers Market. They just opened up last week. I haven't made it over there yet, and it's only a mile away. I will as soon as it warms up around here. Thinking.... I could ride my bike.... I need a basket. For the bike.

Second, I went to the mall. Mostly to finish my tea and do some people watching. I wandered into Williams Sonoma, decided I really didn't need the chicken griller thingy, even tho it was only $30. I could use a vegetable griller thingy, but I couldn't find one there.....I sure I can find one somewhere else.... for less.

Then I sat by Nordstroms entrance, but out in the mall. Observation of young teenage boys. PULL UP YOUR PANTS! Not all of them, but a good majority. I wanted to walk up behind them and pants them. I almost burst out laughing. Seriously, could you run, if you had to, with your pants 4 sizes too big and the crotch hanging down to your knees? I was hoping this fad would die out. Cute little kids with yellow hard hats, seemed to be everywhere. There was a demonstration/exhibit down in the middle of the mall about road construction in the metro area. "Would you like to spin our prize wheel?" .... No thanks. Why would she ask me this... I didn't have a kid in a stroller or tagging along....I don't even look like a kid. Tried on lots of lotions at the Made in Oregon store, and now my hands feel soft and smell great, and bought Andrea a necklace with stars on it and a card with a rose. I'm not sure where my daughters are living, since they aren't speaking to me because I asked them to move out because of the drugs they thought they needed to be doing... in my house. The present will probably come back to me, just like their Easter baskets did. Untouched. One can only try. Then to J.Crew to see if they had the cute shoes that Jes sent to Paige. I wasn't going to buy myself a pair. I just wanted to ooooggggle over them. But, they don't sell them out here. We aren't worth it, I guess.

Lastly, I stopped at Burger King for a large diet Coke. Saw two signs. 'Solid Rock - a Jesus Church' and 'Potter's Hand - Christian Church'. Made me laugh because the signs were next to each other with arrows pointing left and right. Which way do I turn... which way to I the Rock or to the Potter's Hand???? Ohhh, the decisions. Of course, I just got my diet coke and came home.

My cell phone gave me a scare yesterday. People could call me, but they couldn't hear me. boss, who handles all the cell phone issues... is in CHINA! Now, he does have new cell phones for us office gals, he just hasn't activated them. So, I go out to the office and grab mine... he's labeled the boxes.... with our name and phone number. Number's aren't changing, we are just getting new fancy phones. I guess you can download music to it.... this could prove challenging to me. Any how, I do have a second personal cell phone, (it's Andrea's old cell phone number) so I've been using it. Not that my cell phone rings off the hook or anything, but how did we ever live without them? I plugged my old phone back in, because it was too late to go to the Verizon store and have them active the new one and I wanted it in a full battery state so that everything would transfer... you know, numbers and notes. Well, guess what. This morning. It's working... whew.... but, on the downside, my boss won't be back from China until after Memorial Day weekend. I holding onto the new one. Just in case.

And... it's a four day work week! Wooo Hooo. We have Friday and Monday off. Now, if it would just quit raining.


    There's a lot going on here: First of all, Yay Coffee!

    Secondly, you have Friday off? I don't. Maybe I should just deem it a day off - I mean, I'm in an office all alone, Beth is in Colorado, who do I have to answer to?

    Also - So much Jesus, everywhere you turn! That made me lol.

    And then - WHAT? You can't get flamingo flip-flops out there? Crazy Northwest.

    And lastly, I did not realize that's why your daughters moved out. Now things are starting to make more sense. I'm sorry and hugs to you.


    Well that is just stupid! I wish I had known, I could have gotten you a pair, too :)

    How is Chris doing? Heard from him at all lately?


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