This year marks the 1ooth Rose Festival. It's a big deal around here. The festivities go on for a good month and a few extra days. Last night was the fireworks. Tonight is the Starlite Parade. Next Saturday is the Grand Floral Parade. Which is only second to the Pasadena Festival of Roses.

I was on a boat, so it was hard to take a steady picture.

And to answer Jes. Yes. Chris has been able to call. I just talked to him this Friday. It was 2:15 am his time, 3:15 pm my time. Different days. He's 11 hours ahead of me. And I got his camera memory card the Saturday before. Here are a few pictures. There are 516 in all, but I won't put them all up.... some I don't even like to see.

They are tentatively scheduled to come home mid August. Keep your fingers crossed.


    My fingers are crossed!


    Fingers and toes crossed here. I'm so glad you get to talk to him. That is still bewildering to me, that he can call. He looks like he's fine.


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