I've been working on getting Chris's pictures up and running. He sends his memory card home and I take the pictures off and send it back. Last box I sent to him had my other digital camera. His will take clips, but without sound. Mine has sound. So hopefully, he'll take some with sound and I can put those up.

In the meantime..... these are February pictures. As soon as I can remember how to ftp to the family web page, I'll get them all put up there. Just double click on the picture you want to expand.


    Love to see the pictures of Chris. Mine just graduated from Air Assault school two weeks ago.

    What does he say about Iraq?


    He doesn't say too much. In Feb/March he was out in the countryside and said they were just nice people who wanted to farm. But, now he's somewhere else and he doesn't like to tell me too much. He has better access to the phone now, so he calls more often. And he told me to stop sending Hot Wheels cars or any other small toys. I think the other guys were teasing him. I keep telling him to 'just give them away!' I don't send them for him to play with. sheesh. He's suppose to be home the middle of August.


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